Connected Solutions, a unique and focused end-to-end supply chain solution to deliver speed and value

May 20, 2016


“A credible, sustainable and alternative strategy to emerging consolidation from dominant suppliers in a dysfunctional market.”

Leading motor claims consultants, Industry Insights - - have launched Connected Solutions, a unique and end-to-end solution for an engaged motor insurance, fleet and vehicle manufacturer.

In terms of capability, Connected Solutions in total provides more than 200,000 repairs, three million parts supplied, 600,000 replacement windscreens and represents in excess of one million motor claims. It offers an alternative, single point of supply for everything from First Notification of Loss through (FNOL) to car repair, parts and paint provision, salvage and legal/medical services. With 15 supply chain links, service is provided by specialist Partners; each providing a market-leading product or service.

These national partners, leaders in their sector, are accredited in their field of expertise, highly experienced and connected. Collectively, Connected Solutions brings a combined strength and capability that delivers:

  • 400 rental locations, 95,000 rental cars and vans

  • 62 offices, 53 warehouses and 28,796 employees

  • 204 bodyshops and associate repairers and 4,000 courtesy cars

  • 800 glass technicians and 108 glass fitting centres

  • 71 logistics trucks and 667 delivery vans

  • 12,000 recovery vehicles

  • Five call centres

  • 1,202 trainers

  • 610 parts dealers

The Connected Solutions Partners are:

FNOL: Carpenters Law 
VEHICLE RECOVERY:  Nationwide Vehicle Assistance  
LEGAL SERVICES: Carpenters Law 
MOBILITY:  Enterprise Rent-A-Car   
OE PARTS: Advantage
GREEN PARTS: Fab Recycling  
WINDSCREENS: National Windscreens  
SALVAGE: Fab Recycling 

“Both Steve and Sharon have an industry pedigree, and proven track record of bringing the best in class for businesses within each sector together, to deliver a unique end-to-end solution,” said Andy Whatmough, S&G Response. “We bring added value and play an important part in creating a streamlined motor claims solution utilising the expertise of the other Partners.”

Bob Kirstiuk, Advantage, said: “Advantage Parts Solution offers different value - that fits with the Connected Solutions initiative – and it’s the right time to raise our profile from grass roots and secure a position in the UK marketplace. This is a totally new approach to streamlining the claims process; from FNOL to vehicle delivery back to customers. Within the solution, we focus on what we’re good at – parts performance visibility and measurement, demonstrate the metrics.”


Donna Richards, Carpenters Law, said: “Carpenters is a leading provider of legal and claims services to the insurance industry and their customers. The range of services extends from receiving notification of a cracked windscreen at one end of the spectrum, to the conduct of a multi-million pound catastrophic injury claim at the other.

“The focus throughout our range of services is the experience of the customer. We understand that individuals involved in an accident often require time and attention in what can be confusing circumstances and we are acutely aware that we represent the brand and reputation of our insurance partners.

“We have therefore looked to strengthen the customer proposition by seeking out like-minded, market leading, strategic Partners with whom we can work to provide services to existing and prospective clients in unison and present a seamless solution.

“Connected Solutions provides effective business partnerships delivering market leading customer service, flexibility, connectivity and delegated deployment.”


“The Prasco Group are delighted to partner with Industry Insights,” said Kelvyn Waugh, Managing Director, Prasco. “We look forward to building our client portfolio through Steve and the team and the other Partners.”


Pete Marsden, National Windscreens, said: “Creating a strategic alliance with Industry Insights is a significant development for our business. With Steve possessing in-depth knowledge of our industry, having worked from a young age in his father’s family business repairing and replacing vehicle glass, we are proud that he has chosen National Windscreens to provide this service.”

“Peritus is a leading UK and International learning and development business that provides innovative and tailored solutions to develop any business’ most important asset, their people,” said Steve Walker, Peritus. “We are delighted to be the chosen partner of choice in our field of expertise to support the Connected Solutions network, which will bring about a new way of thinking for the sectors it operates within.”

Ian Pugh, Fix Auto UK said: “Creating a strategic alliance with Industry Insights earlier this year was a significant development for our business. Fix Auto's role as a Partner is further evidence of our commitment to help streamline the motor claims process. As the Connected Solutions Repair Network Partner, Fix Auto provides scale and capability and contributes significant value to this unique end to end solution."

“FAB Recycling feel privileged to partner in Steve and Sharon’s Connected Solutions pioneering and innovative network,” said Jason Cross, FAB Recycling. “My colleagues are genuinely excited about being part of an end to end solution which can be utilised by so many interacting industries within the auto world. Combining hand-picked companies from each automotive industry sector, and offering them as a one stop solution has to be a winning formula. As a premier green parts supplier here in the UK, we will strive to play our part in supporting our partners and ensuring the success of the network.”

The traditional supply chain model can provide a disjointed customer service; poor buy in from the supply chain delivers bad customer service. The Connected Solutions model is built on partner engagement. Steve Thompson, MD of Industry Insights, said: “This offers a ‘one stop shop’ or a modular solution that removes frictional costs, heat, politics and inefficiencies from traditional supply chain models,” said “We are delighted to be building on the success of our motor claims consultancy business (Industry Insights) with a truly unique proposition that can be tailored to the specific supply chain needs of insurance companies, fleets and vehicle manufacturers.”

Sharon Mcleod added: “The diversity of our combined experience in the provision of motor supply chain and insurance procurement results in an extremely compatible and efficient supply chain solution.”

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