The Internet of Things

November 3, 2016


Aaron Pearson, Three Graces Legal, comments on the ever-changing role of the internet within the insurance sector


We may pretend otherwise, but insurance and legal services are among those that most people consider a necessary evil; a case of having to pay for something that they don’t really want.


The quicker and cheaper they can deal, the better.


Time had it, that arranging insurance would come about following a flick through the Yellow Pages, a call to a high street broker, an appointment made to sift through pages of documents,and then a few phone calls to get a quote. This could take weeks from start to finish. I can even remember our ‘insurance man’ being a door-to-door chap who would call in for 5 minutes every few months. This went on for years. Perish the thought of such an inconvenience now.


Today, it is much easier to pick up a smart phone, get an instant quote and be done for another year.


At last, the legal sector has taken heed. Like it or not, people shudder at the thought of seeing a Solicitor. A recent statistic claims that 70% of people needing legal advice will contact...their accountant.




So, dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, the profession has gradually got with the narrative: be visible at the click of a button and, as far as possible, be transparent with your pricing. If a ‘customer’ (yes) cannot see how much they will have to pay out for a service they probably don’t want (regardless of necessity), they will likely look elsewhere.


They certainly don’t want to sift through the newspaper ads and commit to meeting a pricey old solicitor from Dewey, Cheetham and Howe, who could present a massive bill for an initial advice.


My firm, Three Graces Legal (, has recently signed up with The Law Superstore (, which is a legal aggregator site. This enables the customer to input enough information and find a realistic, or often fixed, price. They can make an informed choice, and get on with their day.


It means the days are coming to an end for the traditional high street practice, with its newspaper advertising, or the insurance broker you can find in the phonebook, or the good old insurance man doing the rounds.


The Internet of Things encapsulates modern society. We need to embrace it.

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