New “second look” claims service generates over 100 instructions in its first month

August 28, 2018

Barrister-Direct launches suite of new products targeting serious injury and credit hire markets.


A new “second-look” claims service has generated over 100 instructions in its first month - leading the barristers responsible to launch a suite of complementary products.


Barrister-Direct’s RESOLVE service provides law firms, credit hire agencies, medical agencies and ATE agencies with a complimentary second look service on files they are planning to close or abandon.


The service evaluates the claim’s prospects and, where possible, takes the matter on and progresses it until resolution.   If the claim is successful, firms recover their costs and any disbursements received and owing to them.


Having already generated over 100 instructions, mostly EL, PL and travel cases, Barrister-Direct has now launched two complementary products.


RESOLVE Serious Injury and Large Loss assists law firms, medical agencies and ATE agencies with files due to be closed or abandoned by providing a complimentary second look service, while RESOLVE Credit Hire provides the same service for law firms and credit hire agencies.


RESOLVE Serious Injury and Large Loss


This new service covers all serious injury and large loss claims, including:


  • Brain injuries.

  • Spinal Injuries.

  • Amputation.

  • Nerve damage.

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain.

  • PTSD.

  • Coma victims and incidents.

  • Motorcycle accidents.

For Claimants, Barrister-Direct provides:

  • Immediate needs assessment.

  • Immediate access to rehabilitation and medical treatment.

  • Immediate request for interim payment.

  • Immediate appointment of a dedicated serious injury catastrophic and large loss specialist Barrister and Assistant.

  • Full service of IMA, rehabilitation, case management, treatment, physiotherapy and psychological services.

  • Early contact with the defendant.

  • Dedicated home and/or hospital visits.


RESOLVE Credit Hire


Service standards include:

  • Dedicated credit hire relationship manager and free same day file collection or electronic transfer.

  • Commitment to early resolution and/or litigation within 6 months.

  • Guaranteed view on prospects within 48 hours of receipt.

  • Nationwide sign up agents and clients signed up within 72 hours.

  • Monthly updates on transferred cases.

  • Tailored ATE and Litigation funding for Court Fees and Credit Hire Rates Reports.

  • Specialist experience in credit hire taxi recovery.

  • Lien on costs preserved with reasonable splits agreed on fixed costs fast track cases and assistance in recovering disbursements.

Andrew McKie, Barrister and Director at Barrister-Direct, believes both new services will be well received by the marketplace.

He commented:


“In the current legal landscape, no one can afford to write off bad debt and fail to recover costs and disbursements.


“RESOLVE aims to avoid this situation by providing a safety net and the chance of recovery, as well as a lifeline for claims facing abandonment.”


Continues Andrew:


“There are many reasons to close a file or abandon a matter ranging from prospects to resources to procedural or factual complexity. 


“Our team has decades of experience and a skill for litigation and successful trial work.  Clients benefit from our knowledge and experience as practitioners and trial Counsel - spotting the early winners and maximising the Claimant’s prospects of success through factual, legal or expert evidence, fighting common defences and overcoming the hurdles facing many Claimants in the current legal landscape.”


RESOLVE has a simple 5 stage process to resolution:

  1. You email advising a file is ready. A courier will collect

your file that day and a member of the team will acknowledge your file the same day.

  1. Within 48 hours, you will receive a view on prospects in the matter. This will confirm whether your file has been accepted in to RESOLVE and the terms of such. 

  2. If accepted, the claimant will be signed up to Barrister-Direct within 72 hours.

  3. You will receive monthly updates on the progress of the file.

  4. Upon conclusion, RESOLVE will forward any costs and disbursements received and owing to you and/or your firm within 21 days of receipt.

To discuss RESOLVE, please contact Andrew McKie or Monica Savic-Jabrow:

Andrew: 07739 964012

Monica: 0161 706 6706 or 07983 866132

Alternatively, please visit the website at


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