Transform the claims process with evidential video technology

November 19, 2018

Global enterprise solution eviid is spear-heading the insurance industry’s transformation of the claims process with a unique, evidential media reporting technology solution.


The firm has pioneered a patented technology that enables the capture of secure, time-stamped visual evidence from multiple devices.  It is proving to be a game-changer for the insurance sector – saving time and money and significantly improving business processes.


In fact, it’s been so popular that it has driven a 300%-plus growth in revenue for eviid from the insurance sector in the last year.


What is visual evidence?

Evidential stamping is created via patented specialist software on a smartphone that allows it to capture tamper-evident, time-stamped visual evidence that can be relied on in court if necessary.


It can be used at ease in multiple verticals of a chain – from the policyholder providing evidence of damage to loss adjusters who may no longer need to visit the scene but can conduct their assessment via a live video, to collaborating with other relevant bodies/parties.


The benefits are multiple and extend right across the supply chain – from improved decision-making to cost-saving, improved customer service/customer retention, and a better understanding of liability/agreeing liability.


Saving time and money

Eviid’s insurance sector customers have seen impressive results such as:

  • Major insurers are able to establish fault and capture a third-party injury claim within hours through eviid technology – a process that would normally have taken weeks or even months.

  • Reserve funds are accurately identified as an objective, visual overview can be obtained almost instantly.

  • Insurers who are using video technology for policyholders report that their customers find it quick and easy to use and are very positive about the experience.  In some cases, customers have received settlement within hours of uploading their footage. This improved customer experience is proven to increase customer retention, vital in such a competitive market.

  • Global technology analyst Cognizant estimates that using video could save up to 10% of claims costs in the validation, investigation and adjusting phase alone. 

Find out more about eviid’s unique evidential video technology and how it can help your business by visiting

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