September 9, 2019

Freedom Services Group (FSG) is delighted to announce the launch of a series of six unique podcasts hosted by FSG Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sam White. The first three episodes are already available now to download via multiple streaming platforms including: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more. 


Entitled ‘Human Business with Sam White’, the series takes the listener on an exploration of the benefits of staying authentic in business. Commenting on the series, Sam White said: “It’s really about kicking arse in business without being an arse. Over the first five episodes we look at how to get ahead in the work place without trampling on people in the process. How to succeed and still be able to sleep at night, and look at yourself in the mirror. Not just platitudes assuring you that these things are possible, but how to actually do it, from people who know, because they’re doing it.”


Aimed at budding entrepreneurs, people who are traditionally employed and want to progress through promotion and successful, established people who are open to new ways of thinking about how they do business, and want to keep pace with emerging trends. The series features special guests not just from the insurance industry such as ThingCo’s Mike Brockman, but also trailblazers from other walks of life including Ruth Gawthorpe, CEO of The Smart Working Revolution, MyHappyMind CEO, Laura Earnsure, and funding guru, Andrew Valesco, from ELITE, an initiative from the London Stock Exchange. 


Sam White added: “My guests are living proof that small changes and little acts of kindness can make a huge difference, and pave the way for bigger change. Our route into the core of the way business is conducted, and could be conducted better, in the podcasts, is through people. Over the course of the series the listener hears from people who are slowly but surely tearing up the rule book, loosening ties, marching into boardrooms in flats, running thriving and growing businesses, all without leaving a trail of hardened arteries and smeared mascara behind them, because they never stop being decent humans along the way.”


Episode 1: Vulnerable Business & Staying Real

Episode 2: Smart & Flexible Working (with Ruth Gawthorpe)

Episode 3: Bouncing Back From Funding Rejection (with Andrew Valesco)


Listeners can download and enjoy online here: 

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